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Samos Muscat

The variety with the thousand aromas...

In Samos, the White Muscat grape reigns king. Also known as the Muscat blanc à petits grains in Greece it sometimes goes by the name of moschoudi.
This is a noble variety fairly popular around the Mediterranean basin and widely planted in other parts of Greece, as well. However, only in Samos does it produce the fat, luscious wines for which the island is known.

The White Muscat grape covers about 98% of Samos’ vineyards.  The remaining is shared by red grape varietals like Ritino, Fokiano and Avgoustiatis.

Samos Wines

From the terraces ... on our table


9 characteristics of our wines

They have an intense personality and they carry with their aromas and their taste even the most demanding tasters.
  • Wines from White Moschato Samos
  • Rich body
  • Flavors of fruits and flowers
  • Balanced Taste
  • "Crystal" and cool
  • Fresh and "vivid"
  • Long memorable aftertaste
  • Strong personality
  • Award-winning in many countries
Favorite flavors ...

UWC Samos Wines

Samos Wines

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