Vassiliou Vineyards 

The «Primordial Soils» harvest 2021, come from the ancestral, mountainous vineyard from the Vassiliou family, that extends in the area of  Prosilia, Platanos village. The selection of grapes was done by manual harvest with the participation of the whole family during the first morning hours. The vineyard has a northwestern exposure, at an altitude of 670 meters, with acidic, gravelly and shale soils.

Mineral expression of an excellent vineyard with hard limestone and flint soils, this wine surprises with its range, refinement and duration of aftertaste. The initially botanical nose (forest, pine needles) evolves towards more complex aromas of bitter orange zest, exotic spices, butter and brioche, as the wine opens in the glass. In the mouth, the volume, range and texture are impressive from the beginning for a wine that in nothing resembles a conventional dry muscat. Earthy, peppery and spicy notes blend harmoniously with surprisingly warm oiliness and complex aromas, while a mosaic of acidity, minerality and fruit ensures robustness and structure in this wine, the destination of which can only be the high class gastronomy.

“Primordial lands” vintage 2021: a “breed” wine that you are happy to have in your mouth.

It is served at 10-12Ο C and combines uniquely with seafood creations.

The producer Nick Vassiliou cultivates the “primordial soils” of his family, since he was a little boy,  with a remarkable sequence of generations of viticulture.  These family old vines of samos muscat were planted by his great-grandfather and grandfather. The cultivation continued with his father and himself, while now it has passed to his son Stamatis and his grandchildren. The youngest, 14 years old Costas, firmly states: “No matter what I will do in my life, I will not give up my grandfather’s vineyards!»