Α classic Mediterranean wine,  brightly-colored with discreet floral aromas.  Τhe mouth is balanced, soft, velvety, with a mild character and a long aftertaste.  Served at 10ο C.
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Samena, coming from lower altitude vineyards, is a brightly-colored wine with discreet floral aromas that co-exist in perfect harmony with those of the Muscat.

In the mouth, it is a classic Mediterranean wine with a balanced, soft, velvety taste, a mild character and a long aftertaste.

Its potent mouth makes it a good accompaniment to mezedes (traditional Greek appetizers), fried fish, various casseroles and oven-baked dishes like pastitsio or moussaka and all kinds of pies, from the traditional repertoire of Greek cuisine.
Served at 10ο C.