Samos 1963

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60 years waiting like the “Sleeping Beauty” for the kiss of the wine aficionados that will “awaken” the memories and aromas of the Samian vineyard from a year-landmark for Samos Muscat!

The process of “aging” is inextricably linked to the quality of the grape. In 1963-although it began with a heavy winter – the mild spring which succeeded the bad weather as well as the cool summer that followed, created ideal conditions for an excellent harvest in the Aegean islands.

“Samos 1963” is an aged, enjoyable and full of aromas sweet Samos wine, a piece of Greek wine history and an example of the stunning aging potential of Samos Muscat. Quite dark, elegant, with intense and complex aromas of chocolate, roasted coffee beans, spices, molasses, tobacco, honey, nuts and dried figs.

This decades-old wine is released in a limited number of bottles. His years of age give him an invaluable quality but also an unprecedented freshness, which is even more highlighted by the wealth of dense aromas, framing its unique flavor.

A priceless liquid treasure in a bottle, from a landmark year! 

(Ηow the” frozen winter» and a beautiful spring made “Samos 1963”)

The winter of 1962-1963 went down in history as the “frozen winter “. All over Europe the weather was reminiscent of the “North Pole”. From mid-January and for ten consecutive days it snowed continuously throughout Greece and supplies were parachuted in isolated areas due to frost. 

Unprecedentedly, temperatures dropped many degrees below zero, many people losing their lives because of the cold! (Indicatively: Ptolemaida -230 C, Athens -30 C and the islands of B. The Aegean were covered with 40 cm of snow). Before the end of January, an unprecedented downpour hit Greece resulting in hundreds of homes and crops being destroyed.

However, a mild spring succeeded the bad weather, which allowed the blooming of the Muscat grape. The cool summer that followed, created the ideal climatic conditions for an exceptional harvest on the island of Samos. The Samian producers had taken good care of their vineyards with resolution and love, like every past generation of winegrowers had done before them.

At the end of August the exceptional Muscat grapes were carefully collected and the 1963 harvest was characterized as “prime”. They were vinified by the Cooperative of Samos with knowledge and passion, producing a fine 1963 vintage. 

After 60 whole years spent in small oak barrels, a bottle of Samos 1963 is the crown jewel to any wine aficionado’s collection!